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We have put together Some useful joins and taxi maps for visiting pilots and our own students reference. 

Helicopter Manoeuvring area's at EGBO 

To the Right is a map of the helicopter operating area's at EGBO. Depending on which runway is in use will determine which areas would be used for helicopter.

the helicopter Circuit at Halfpenny Green is RIGHT HAND and as such to use runway 34, 28 or 22 the pilot would need to cross the active runway.

As you can see from the map each of the areas are named so that the tower and pilot are able to request and direct each other to the correct operating area.

Helicopter Operating zones at Halfpenny Green Airport (EGBO)

 Half Penny Green Airport Helicopter Joins - Chelmarsh VRP 

 To the left is a series of joins for Halfpenny Green Airport for our students and visiting pilots. 

We use Chelmarsh reservoir as a VRP or Visual Reference Point. All of the joins for each of the Runway directions has an in-house join based on the pilot first locating Chelmarsh reservoir, then selecting the appropriate procedure to join the circuit correctly.

The pilots should be able to use these joins in the early days of their flying careers or hours building to quickly build confidence and remove any spacial awareness and facilitate good, safe airmanship.