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AA Helicopters Career Advice 

One of the questions we get asked alot is "how do I become a professional Pilot?"

Well, before we answer that, it is very important to stress that EVERY pilot was once in your position. It is an arduous journey, one that will take dedication, drive and desire to complete. Each of our Flight Staff Pilots have all gone through this journey. If you want more presonal insight to how to become a pilot, they are more than happy to tell you how.

What AA Helicopters can do for the career minded student pilot. 

The EASA Requirements 

Steps EASA specify for Training;

  • PPL(h) Min 45 hours, upto 100 hours
  • Hours building up 155 to be eligible for the CPL(h)
  • CPL(h) 35 hour Course
  • Total minimum hours 190 Hours
Then You need to get a trade....

Experience Day 

Ready to start your Journey?

Then why not book the "Experience" day course and start your training with Austin Aviation.

All of the time can be put toward your Flying total in your log book! You would be two hours closer to Dream!

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Hover Challenge

Other Things to Factor 

Extra things for you to think about before you start your journey.

  • Class One Medical Required
  • 9 PPL exams need to be passed
  • You will need a "trade" once you have completed your CPL(h)

 Professional Pilot Program

Do you want a career as a helicopter pilot?

Then our Career Pilot Program will be of definite interest. At the end of your professional training you will be offered paid work as a pilot

Designed specifically for those individuals wanting a career as a helicopter pilot, the training also involves a structured hour building package and a flight instructor’s course and paid flying work to those candidates enrolled onto the course and who complete the course to the satisfaction of the Chief Pilot

Contact one of our team for an Experience day where all will be explained in detail.

How the Course works 

Join us for an Experience day which gives you an insight into a professional life as a helicopter pilot.

Included will be breakfast, and lunch

Presentation of the course content

A minimum of 2 flights during the day, demonstrating various techniques with you having hands on controls.

During your day you any question you ask will be answered and explained.

 Complete your PPL (Private Pilot Licence). Minimum 45 Hours, usually more. (Civil Aviation requirements).

Structured hour building (flight time) to minimum acceptance for commercial pilot program.

750 Hours of Self study Ground schooling - We can advise of the best Course to enrol on.

Commercial ground exams at Gatwick Either 10 exams or 13, depending on the licence you study for. 

A minimum 35 hours of commercial flight training.

Flight test with authorised CAA examiner.

Assuming you pass you are now a commercial pilot..

 What Next?

Once you have your CPL(h) you will need a trade, the choices are either a FI(h) (flying instructor) rating or an Instrument Rating (IR). The least expensive option at this point is to go down the FI(h) route, as you will only need to get to 220 flight hours, then attend an approved Flight Instructor Course.


If you prefer to chat to one of the team in our booking office at the green please call on 01384 221050. There will be a friendly voice to talk to and will answer any question you may have.