2017 Events Schedule for AA Helicopters

Below is a list of the upcoming events for this year that AA Helicopters will be attending and promoting. If you are interested in attending please contact us on our contact form, or by telephone on 01384 221050, and of course, if you are passing, just drop into the office at the Airfield. 

Special Days 2017

Our office hotlines and email are always open for you to book those special gift flights for birthdays, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, Christmas presents. 

All of these events are flexible dates around your needs and special days... 

For any of these idea's contact us on 01384 221050 or click here

Summer Events 2017

30th July 17 - Open cockpit day

Sept 17 - AA Helicopters 5th Birthday Celebrations

Sept 17 - Quarter 3 Safety Event 

Autumn Events 2017 

Dec 17 - AA Christmas do

Dec 17 - Quarter 4 Safety Event

Spring Events 2017

Feb 18 - Valentine Weekends - TL's and Expereince Tours flown by Captain Cupid

Spring 18 - Mothering Sunday - Flights at the Airport

March 18 - Quarter 1 Safety Event

Winter Events 2016


The 4th AA Helicopters Christmas meal - Venue to be confirmed

To book an event or attend one of ours, please call on 01384 221050 or Click here