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Robinson R44 G-CHAP "Chappie"

Anyone that has been to Wolverhampton Business Airport, or Halfpenny Green airport as it is known locally, will have undoubtedly seen our lovely lady Robinson R44 Helicopter parked in front of the tower and viewing paddock . 

G-CHAP or "Chappie" as she is know is our four seat Robinson R44 aircraft that provides trial lessons to lucky recipients of trial lesson gifts usually bought for them by  loved ones. But also we have many student pilots that have trained in "Chappie" over the years, many of them now      "self Fly Hire" the old girl to visit friends and family.

   The aircraft has an all up weight of 2400 lb and up to 3 hours of flying endurance, so it is the perfect commuter vehicle, and in fact many of our Self Fly Hire Pilots use the Robinson R44 as business tool to save them precious time.

The aircraft has a top speed of 110 Knots (125 miles per hour) and ceiling height of 14,000 feet!

We offer both lessons and Trial lessons in this aircraft for anyone over 14 years old and over 11.5 stone and under 22  stone. As the aircraft has C of G (Centre of Gravity) limitations.

To book a flight in this aircraft, just fill in the form and someone will get back to you!

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 Pictures of Our R44 "Chappie"