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How do I go about Buying a Helicopter?


Looking to buy your own helicopter? At AA Helicopters we can offer you a personal Helicopter Brokering service, where we will find you the type of aircraft you require, at the budget you specify and arrange for the sale and the transfer of the aircraft, and in some instances the ferry of the aircraft for you. It doesn't matter that you can't fly, as we can both offer pilots and lessons on the aircraft.

Additionally, we can advise on the best range of options for you and your aircraft, whether you choose to put it to work at a school, or prefer to hanger your aircraft at home and keep it for personal use. 

We also advise on the best services for you to use such as maintenance and insurances.

So, to start the process of owning your own aircraft  why no drop us a line on the form on the right. or contact us on 01384 221050 and speak to Jase.

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