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AA Helicopters - Meet Our Team 

Our team of highly skilled professionals at AA Helicopters, will offer you a warm welcome. Unusually for a helicopter company our focus is built around people and customer service, sound advice and usually a mug of tea! 

Our philosophy is very much about an informal and friendly ground operation with a clinically professional attitude towards teaching and airman-ship in the air. 

Alan likes to operate an open door and open house approach to the school and the ground facilities. So even if you are passing just drop in and say hello!

 Captain Alan Austin 

About Captain Austin

Alan is the Chief Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor and owner of AA Helicopters. Flying for over 20 years, he has a wealth of experience which he genuinely wishes to share.

Alan brings a wealth of teaching experience to aviation, particularly instruction, as he was and still is a School teacher.   

Captain Jason Dearn 

About Captain Dearn

Jason is Alan's full time pilot/instructor and has worked at AA Helicopters for 4 years now. Flying for 10 years,  Jason brings a wealth of experience to AA in terms of both aviation and marketing.