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The Helicopter PPL Syllabus

Posted by The AA Helicopters Instructors on Saturday, February 15, 2014 Under: Helicopter Syllabus
Hi AA Helicopters Fans!
This Blog post is about the course that we teach to our students, we are EASA trained pilots and one of the Most frequently asked questions of the instructors is "What does the Syllabus consist of?"

Well to give you a taster we are going to blog out the first exercises; 1 to 3, and then give you a link to our AA Helicopters - Helicopter Pilot Career Page, where you can ready the complete syllabus.   

Helicopter Private Pilot's Licence Syllabus - Exercise 1 to 3

Exercise 1

The introduction is usually completed on the ground, and basically it is to point out the fundamentals of the aircraft. You will walk round the aircraft and have a brief overview of the external elements. Then move in side the cockpit and discuss the layout and the aircraft controls, systems, checklists and emergency procedures

Exercise 2 Preparations
As with exercise one, this exercise doesn’t usually involve any flying, but is concerned with the procedure prior to the starting of the engine, so from the signing for the aircraft (in the tech log and on the movement sheets), a briefing and perhaps a demonstration of the starting of the aircraft, external checks (perhaps a check”A”), aircraft house keeping, Parking and tying down) and finishing and signing the aircraft back in.

Exercise 3 - in the air

This will be your first flight! It will involve the instructor demonstrating the principle operation of the aircraft, including a climb, straight and level flight and the decent, and perhaps some emergencies.


You will also see some of the local land marks, which you will become more familiar as your flight training proceeds.


As mentioned earlier, some of the exercises will be completed in the same lesson or flight, for those you have completed their trial lesson already, it is highly likely that you will have had exercise 1,2 and 3 in that trial lesson!

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