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Trial Lesson Pilot Joining Instructions 

Hello Pilot 

If you are reading this page you will have been presented with an AAhelicopters Gift Voucher, and you will have scanned the QR code on the bottom of the voucher to get your trial lesson booked.

How to activate your voucher

To get the ball rolling on your flying lesson all you need to do is to fill in the form to the right of the page and send it off. You will then be contacted by the office to confirm your booking.

Remember the dates on the Voucher are the BOOKING WINDOW dates you actually get a further 3 Months to fly the sortie. You will see at the bottom of your voucher a number/code in small print, this must be entered into the booking form prior to being sent.

On the Day of the Flight

We would recommend that on the day of the flight the passengers should wear comfortable loose clothing and sensible shoes. 

Before leaving the house for the day of the flight we would recommend calling ahead to confirm that the weather is suitable for flight, as this can have an effect on the enjoyment of the flight, but also  may not go ahead if the pilot is concerned.

Trial Lesson Redemption